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13 October 2013 @ 10:53 am
A lot of times, when people ask about the wedding, we tell them it was wonderful, but we don't remember a lot of it.

Strictly speaking, that's true - the day blends together on a lot of levels. At the same time, though, some things stand out in my mind like they happened moments ago.

That moment where I saw Morgan in her full dress for the first time. Hearing her recite the vows she'd written, and being overwhelmed with love and so many other emotions. Being touched by Phil's speech, even if I can't remember much more right now than the "Firefly reference....check!" moment. :) Seeing the pride in our family's faces. Seeing the excitement in our friends. Walking around the barn with everyone.

Sitting by the farmhouse, just the two of us, giggling and relaxing and laughing and gloriously tired.

It was an amazing, amazing day. And when I woke up this morning, I felt very much the same.

I love you, Morgan. My beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, wonderful wife.

Happy anniversary.